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Eggoz enters into frozen snack market with high-protein egg bhurji momoz

Eggoz Nutrition, a leading egg-focused consumer brand in India, has introduced a groundbreaking product, egg bhurji momoz, aimed at promoting farm-fresh, chemical-free eggs. This innovative offering marks the brand's foray into frozen snacks, blending diverse flavors to captivate consumers' palates.

With a focus on both taste and nutrition, Eggoz Nutrition pioneers by incorporating egg bhurji stuffing into momos, redefining healthy snacking.

Inspired by the beloved Anda Bhurji, a popular Indian dish, these momos offer a unique and delicious twist. Filled with flavorful Anda Bhurji, they provide a juicy and delightful snacking experience, ideal for those seeking nutritious options.

Moreover, they are quick to prepare, requiring just five minutes, and each pack includes a spicy dip to elevate the flavor profile, adding excitement to the snacking journey.