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Micro Labs unveils nationwide hypertension awareness campaign ‘I am on Salt Satyagraha’

Micro Labs, a leading pharmaceutical company in Karnataka, launches the "I am on Salt Satyagraha" initiative to address the rising hypertension cases in India. This campaign aims to educate people about the link between excessive salt consumption and high blood pressure, a major health concern.

World Hypertension Day, observed on May 17, emphasizes the importance of accurate blood pressure measurement and control to prolong lives. Non-communicable diseases, notably cardiovascular ailments, are leading causes of mortality in India, with hypertension being a significant contributor. Over 220 million Indians are affected by hypertension, surpassing the WHO-recommended daily salt intake of 5 grams.

Early detection and management are crucial for hypertension prevention. Regular blood pressure monitoring, including at-home checks, enables timely intervention. The initiative aligns with the Indian Hypertension Control Initiative's goal to reduce hypertension prevalence by 25% by 2025. By raising awareness about hypertension risks and promoting salt reduction, this campaign aims to enhance public health outcomes in India.