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India need to add new hospital beds, doctors and nurses to achieve vision 2047, says FICCI-EY Report

India needs to expand its healthcare infrastructure significantly to achieve its healthcare vision for 2047, as outlined in the FICCI-EY Report - ‘Decoding India’s Healthcare Landscape'. The report suggests adding 30 lakh more hospital beds, increasing the number of qualified doctors to over 50 lakhs, and raising the count of nurses to between 1.25 to 1.5 crores. Currently, India has witnessed growth in medical colleges, MBBS seats, and the number of registered healthcare professionals. However, to meet global standards, there's a need to further augment these numbers. Achieving universal health insurance coverage, establishing a medical college in each district, and digitizing healthcare access are also highlighted as essential steps. The report underscores India's progress in healthcare, citing increased expenditure as a percentage of GDP, reduced out-of-pocket expenditure, and advancements in key health indicators. Additionally, the pharmaceutical industry's growth and India's position as a medical tourism hub are recognized, alongside the transformative impact of digital initiatives on healthcare accessibility and delivery. Finally, the report notes the expansion of bed capacity in government hospitals from 4.7 lakh beds in 2005 to 8.5 lakh beds in 2021.