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The number of patients reaches 90 in the Salmonella outbreak linked to charcuterie meats

An additional 40 cases are now linked to a Salmonella outbreak tied to charcuterie meat products. As of February 15th, the CDC reported 87 cases across 30 states, with 18 requiring hospitalization since illnesses began on November 20, 2023. Patients range from under 1 to 92 years old. The actual toll is likely higher, with the CDC estimating 29 undiagnosed cases for every reported one. Fratelli Beretta's charcuterie meat products, particularly those containing Coppa, are identified as the source. A recall was initiated. Whole genome sequencing implicated a Busseto charcuterie sampler, genetically linking it to the outbreak. The USDA found Salmonella in Coppa products, though a different strain. Antibiotic resistance is observed in some samples, raising concerns about treatment efficacy. The outbreak underscores the need for caution and highlights potential challenges in treating affected individuals.