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Raw Farm cheese connected to multi-state outbreak of E. coli infections

A recent E. coli outbreak, linked to cheese from a dairy with a history of recalls, is under federal investigation. The FDA and CDC, along with state and local health departments, are probing the outbreak, which has affected 10 individuals across California, Utah, Colorado, and Texas as of February 16th. Four people were hospitalized, and one developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), linked to kidney failure. Raw Farm brand shredded cheese and raw cheddar blocks are implicated. Previously known as Organic Pastures, the Fresno-based dairy faced recalls, including a 2023 Salmonella outbreak in California. The outbreak's full extent is being determined by ongoing CDC and FDA investigations. The FDA notes the cheese was distributed nationwide, with some victims citing purchases from Sprouts Farmers Markets and Bristol Farms retailers. Raw Farm has agreed to recall specific lots of cheddar cheese products, including "Original Flavor" and "Cheddar with added Jalapeño Flavor" in various sizes of blocks and shredded packages. Selling raw milk across state lines is federally prohibited.