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BM Birla Heart Hospital spearheads a digital first initiative, unveils ‘Enhanced Cardiac Care’ programme with Dozee

In celebration of National Technology Day, BM Birla Heart Hospital, India’s first NABH-accredited cardiac care facility, has introduced the "Enhanced Cardiac Care" program. This initiative, marking a shift toward preventive healthcare, integrates Dozee's AI-based Contactless Remote Patient Monitoring and Early Warning System into all ward beds. By emphasizing continuous monitoring over reactive measures, the hospital aims to identify and address clinical deterioration promptly. The move underscores its commitment to data-driven technology for improved patient safety and outcomes.

The program reflects BM Birla Heart Hospital's dedication to seamless integration of Dozee's technology with medical expertise. Dozee enables remote monitoring of vital parameters, facilitating early intervention through its Early Warning System. Utilizing AI-based Ballistocardiography for contactless monitoring, Dozee's technology is domestically patented and significantly impacts patient safety and operational efficiency. Independent research suggests potential lives saved and reduced ICU stays with Dozee.

BM Birla Heart Hospital seeks to elevate cardiac care standards through innovative solutions and technology, reaffirming its commitment to superior patient outcomes.