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Vanda Pharmaceuticals declares positive data from motion sickness trial

Vanda Pharmaceuticals announced positive results from its Phase III trial of tradipitant for motion sickness, named Motion Serifos. The trial involved 316 participants with motion sickness history and took place on boats in US coastal waters. Participants received either 170mg or 85mg of tradipitant or a placebo during boat trips under varying sea conditions. The primary endpoint was tradipitant's impact on preventing vomiting, with secondary endpoints including its effect on severe nausea and vomiting.

Results confirmed the tradipitant's efficacy in reducing severe nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness, with both doses significantly outperforming the placebo. Only 10.4% and 18.3% of subjects in the 170mg and 85mg groups, respectively, reported vomiting, compared to 37.7% in the placebo group. This translates to a more than 70% reduction in vomiting risk for the 170mg group and over 50% for the 85mg group. Vanda intends to file a new drug application with the FDA in Q4 for tradipitant as a motion-induced vomiting preventative.