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Frito Lay recalls Sun Chips, other snacks because of contamination with Salmonella

Frito Lay recalled certain snacks in Canada, including Sun Chips, because of potential Salmonella contamination. These snacks were distributed nationwide.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced the recall, which was initiated by the company. A Frito Lay spokesperson informed Food Safety News that the recall resulted from a supplier's notification about a potentially contaminated ingredient. Despite no Salmonella being found in the seasoning supplied to Frito Lay Canada, the recall is a precautionary measure.

Consumers should check their homes for the recalled products and dispose of any they have. The products have a long shelf life, so it's important to check the best-by dates.

### Recalled Products:

- **SunChips Multigrains Harvest Cheddar Snacks:** All sizes, UPCs: 060410040591, 060410066232, 060410001295, 060410037249, 060410003923, 060410053942, 060410053119
- **Original Munchies Snack Mix:** All sizes, UPCs: 060410001806, 060410003862, 060410067826, 060410054826, 060410054628, 060410039342
- **Variety Packs Cheesy Mix:** 448 g, UPC: 060410074817
- **SunChips Multigrains Harvest Cheddar Snacks:** 32 packs, UPC: 060410037256; 40 packs, UPC: 060410222768
- **Original Munchies Snack Mix:** 40 packs, UPC: 060410221228

Best-by dates: 2024 JL 16 to 2024 AU 13.