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Beyond Snack Unveils Healthy Banana Chips in Coconut Oil Delivering Nutrition, Taste and Quality

Beyond Snack, a renowned Kerala banana chips brand introduces its latest product: Kerala Banana Chips in Coconut Oil, blending traditional chips with coconut oil. This launch reflects Beyond Snack's commitment to health, quality and authentic taste. After eight months of development, the product meets health-conscious consumers' expectations.

In line with the '24 Carat Taste' campaign, this launch merges tradition with modern health consciousness, emphasizing coconut oil's importance in Kerala's cuisine. It showcases Beyond Snack's dedication to cultural heritage and contemporary nutritional preferences, offering an indulgent yet guilt-free snacking option.

What makes this product unique? It's onion and garlic-free, appealing to fasting consumers, and uses rock salt instead of refined salt. Moreover, it's meticulously curated for hygiene. These branded chips are the first-ever made with coconut oil, enhancing health benefits and adding a delicious twist to the classic snack.