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DHR launches extensive funding initiative to propel India’s biomedical & health sciences research

The Department of Health Research (DHR) has launched the Human Resource Development (HRD) Scheme for 2024-2025, aiming to boost India's scientific research. It provides funding opportunities in medical, clinical, and health sciences, fostering skilled researchers. The scheme encompasses ten components, including short-term studentships, thesis support, and fellowships for women scientists and NRIs. Application deadlines vary, with most due by June 30, 2024.

Proposals must be submitted online via the DHR portal. Projects involving human or animal subjects require clearance from ethics committees. Rigorous evaluation ensures only impactful research receives support. The initiative aims to enhance innovation in health research, addressing contemporary challenges and improving public health. It has received positive feedback from academic circles, viewed as crucial for India's global research standing and healthcare advancements. The HRD Scheme represents a significant investment in India's biomedical and health sciences, fostering talent and driving transformative research nationally and globally.