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Novartis Canada, Clarius merged for psoriatic arthritis care in Canada

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. has collaborated with Clarius Mobile Health to improve early detection of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) in Canada. By enhancing access to ultrasound technology, rheumatologists can identify diagnostic markers sooner, potentially shortening the timeline to PsA diagnosis.

This collaboration has the potential to transform PsA detection and may extend to other Immunology indications, both within and beyond Canada. Novartis and Clarius share a commitment to enhancing medical imaging accessibility in Canada.

Through this partnership, handheld ultrasound devices will be provided to rheumatologists, along with comprehensive training and support programs. Novartis aims to gather evidence on adoption, usage, and impact to understand how ultrasound usage correlates with early PsA detection in routine practice.

Clarius, a leader in medical device innovation, offers high-performance handheld ultrasound scanners that wirelessly connect to clinicians' smart devices. Their Clarius HD3, approved by Health Canada in 2022, provides real-time optimized imaging, enabling informed decisions at the point of care.