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Aptar Digital Health, Iona Mind collaborate to deliver scalable mental health support to patients with chronic diseases

Aptar Digital Health, a leader in medical device software and digital Patient Support Programmes (PSPs), has partnered with Iona Mind, known for low-intensity Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) solutions. Their goal: aiding patients with chronic illnesses in managing psychological stress and emotional wellbeing. Combining their expertise and digital platforms, they offer integrated solutions to pharmaceutical partners seeking enhanced patient experiences.

Iona Mind's platform, built on 30 systematic reviews and 50 controlled trials, delivers low-intensity CBT programs for common mental health conditions. Customized digital products support patients through their journey, addressing issues like anxiety and low mood prevalent in chronic disease patients. Collaborating with patient advocate groups ensures inclusivity and accessibility across diverse populations.

Aptar Digital Health brings extensive experience in medical device software and disease management solutions, complementing Iona Mind's mental health support offerings. Their partnership aims to provide evidence-based, scalable assistance to chronic disease patients globally, leveraging solutions built on Aptar Digital Health's platform. This collaboration promises broader access to mental health support for millions of patients.