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Ultra-processed foods linked to insomnia risk

Ultra-processed foods (UPF) may contribute to the insomnia experienced by about one third of adults, as per an analysis reported in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Lead investigator from Columbia University's Division of General Medicine and Center of Excellence for Sleep & Circadian Research highlights the importance of evaluating diet's role in sleep quality amidst a rise in highly processed foods and sleep disturbances.

Unlike past studies focusing on specific nutrients, this research examines how the degree of food processing relates to sleep health, utilizing data from over 39,000 French adults. Findings indicate that individuals with chronic insomnia consume a higher proportion of their energy from UPF, with a slightly higher risk observed in males.

Limitations include reliance on self-reported data and potential misclassification of food items. Future studies should explore causality and longitudinal associations, but individuals experiencing sleep difficulties may consider assessing their UPF intake.