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Merck Specialities introduces initiative to raise bladder cancer awareness through "Art Against Cancer" exhibition

Merck Specialities Pvt Ltd has inaugurated an art exhibition titled "Art Against Cancer," aimed at raising awareness about bladder cancer among its employees. The event, held at their Vikhroli head office, coincides with Bladder Cancer Awareness Month in May, emphasizing the connection between smoking and the disease.

Bladder cancer ranks 17th among prevalent cancers in India, with limited awareness compared to other types. Smoking is identified as the primary risk factor. Symptoms include changes in urine color, necessitating early detection for effective treatment.

Studies indicate a significantly heightened risk of bladder cancer due to tobacco, particularly among men. The exhibition showcases artworks by talented artists from top Indian art schools, each offering a unique perspective on the theme. Through this initiative, Merck aims to spark dialogue, educate, and encourage action against bladder cancer.