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Study reveals majority of Indians prioritise nutrition over taste

On World Nutrition Day, Wonderful Pistachios, a major pistachio grower and California Pistachios distributor in India, shared insights from a global study on urban Indians' snacking habits. Conducted with Material, the study surveyed over 12,400 respondents across 10 countries, revealing a key trend: urban Indians prioritize nutrition over taste in snacking, underlining the importance of good nutrition for overall well-being.

In India, the study focused on 2,415 shoppers across six cities, representing about 35.9 million consumers. Surprisingly, 58% of urban Indians prioritize nutritional benefits over taste, surpassing the global average of 52%. Millennials and Gen Z lead this health-conscious trend, with over 83% reading nutritional labels before purchasing.

Four key factors guide Indian consumers' nutritional snack preferences: natural, heart-healthy, protein-rich, and energy-providing options. Notably, 90% consciously seek protein-rich snacks, with nuts emerging as a preferred choice. The study underscores a nationwide shift towards healthier snacking choices, emphasizing the significance of mindful eating in urban India's future.