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Novel Concepts Medical's plant-based formula attains 99% reduction in cancer cell viability

Novel Concepts Medical is thrilled to announce groundbreaking findings from its laboratories in Israel, demonstrating the efficacy of its plant-based formula in significantly reducing cell viability in breast cancer and lung cancer cells. Conducted three times at a premier lab in Israel's Ness Ziona science park, the results are as follows:

- MCF-7 breast cancer cells exhibited a remarkable 99.68% decrease in cell viability after 48 hours of incubation.
- A549 lung cancer cells showed an impressive 99.65% reduction in cell viability following the same incubation period.

Earlier this year, the company published a successful case study involving a colon cancer patient, demonstrating improvements in liver metastases and tumor size reduction with our plant-based treatment, without any reported side effects.

Novel Concepts Medical and its founder have previously received recognition for their pioneering work in plant-based treatment methodologies.