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FSSAI working on integrating all food related norms

The FSSAI has initiated efforts to consolidate all food-related regulations in India to enhance the "ease of doing business." This initiative commenced with the regulation of packaged drinking water.

According to the Executive Director of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the organization aims to streamline regulations and administrative procedures for businesses in the food sector by incorporating the BIS mark requirement for packaged drinking water into FSSA regulations. This aligns with the government's vision of "One Nation, One Commodity, One Regulator."

During the CII Conference on Water Stewardship in the Food and Beverage Sector 2024, the food regulator emphasized the importance of water management in food and beverage production, urging the industry to utilize resources judiciously.

FSSAI highlighted the challenge of compliance with labeling requirements for packaged drinking water and emphasized the need for corrective measures to ensure compliance.

The conference focused on addressing challenges related to water efficiency and sustainability in the food and beverage sector, exploring opportunities for enhancing productivity through innovative technologies, standards adoption, and collaborative efforts for sustainable water management.