Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India®

(An Autonomous Body Recognized by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India)

Indian pharma emphasizes safety & security measures to protect research data, patents, and other proprietary information

The Indian pharmaceutical industry prioritizes safeguarding research data, patents, and proprietary information amid digitalization. Retail pharmacies expand services, incorporating consultations and health monitoring. Technologies like video analytics and wearable cameras enhance security and operations.

Various sectors face distinct safety challenges, necessitating tailored protection. Cybersecurity is vital, especially in pharmaceuticals, where extensive R&D investments attract hackers. Robust measures like secure passwords and firewalls mitigate risks.

Physical security employs barriers, cameras, and alarm systems to detect intruders promptly. Access control and Real-Time Location Systems enhance surveillance. Axis Communications collaborates with pharmaceutical firms, like AstraZeneca, using advanced surveillance to optimize safety and resource management.

These innovations align with Industry 4.0, promoting productivity and employee safety through intelligent monitoring systems.