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Central Government NCCF starts selling Bharat brand of pulses in Tamil Nadu

At present, 50 mobile vans in each district sell Bharat Dal chana dal directly to consumers in towns and villages. This number will double to 100 soon, with new additions like atta, rice, and moong dal.

NCCF's flagship initiative aims to stabilize prices, combat food inflation, and enhance domestic availability, echoing the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah, and Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goyal. Bharat Dal has garnered positive feedback in North India.

As part of the 75th Republic Day celebrations, NCCF offered prizes such as pressure cookers, insulated bottles, and tiffin boxes to consumers.

To ensure affordable access to pulses, the Central Government maintains a buffer stock of five key pulses under the Price Stabilization Fund (PSF), releasing them strategically to regulate prices. Chana dal is also supplied to State Governments for welfare schemes, police, jails, and through state-controlled outlets.