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Sanskritech introduces CDSCO-approved ultra-portable anytime health monitoring bag: Swandook

Sanskritech, an Indian health-tech company backed by Mylab, has launched Swandook, an innovative health monitoring bag approved by CDSCO. It's touted as the world's first ultra-portable bag, revolutionizing healthcare technology.

Swandook offers users unmatched convenience and accessibility in health management, catering to various sectors like military/defence, public health, CSR initiatives, and rural healthcare.

Functioning as a comprehensive point-of-care diagnostics platform, Swandook conducts over 100 real-time health tests, empowering users with a holistic health assessment. Tests cover routine blood tests, infectious diseases (TB, dengue, malaria, HCV), and non-communicable diseases (sickle cell anaemia, thalassemia, and cancer biomarkers).

Swandook delivers instant, accurate reports for prompt action and includes integrated telemedicine features like a webcam, dermascope, otoscope, and stethoscope. This facilitates remote consultations with healthcare professionals, enhancing healthcare accessibility.