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Indian healthcare sector recasts with wearable devices & telehealth platforms to access prompt medical attention

The healthcare sector is evolving in the nation with wearable devices and telehealth platforms, providing swift medical access. Wearables notably enhance patient monitoring and diagnostics.

Post-Covid-19, telehealth has emerged as a convenient option for both doctors and patients. It aids scenarios such as elderly individuals unable to travel for check-ups or distant patients facing travel constraints. Telehealth also benefits mental health check-ups, post-surgery follow-ups, and remote consultations. However, challenges like tech reluctance and limited internet access persist, hindering widespread adoption.

Wearable technologies like fitness trackers offer valuable health insights. In India, institutions allow chronic patients to share wearable data with doctors, aiding remote monitoring. Hybrid-care models, combining virtual and in-person visits, offer benefits for remote patients, saving time and costs. Addressing data security and regulatory concerns is vital for ethical telehealth practices.