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Mediterranean and MIND diets could enhance cognitive health: a new study

A recent study proposes that adhering to Mediterranean or MIND diets may enhance memory and cognition in midlife. Analyzing 509 twins, researchers discovered that those


Abbott launches a new malnutrition screening tool based on latest research existing frameworks

Abbott introduces a novel malnutrition diagnosis algorithm, aiming to enhance patient screening effectiveness after assessing the current diagnostic approach in a recen


Almonds voted as the ultimate snacking option for a healthy diet

In recent decades, lifestyle-related health issues have surged due to decreased physical activity, poor diets, increased stress, and inadequate sleep. These changes hav


Physical activity is inadequate to counter cardiovascular risk associated with sugar-sweetened beverage consumption

A recent study challenges the belief that physical activity outweighs the risks of cardiovascular disease from sugar-sweetened beverages.


Pregnant women should avoid ultra-processed fast foods, experts recommend

Research indicates that phthalates, chemicals found in plastics, can leach from packaging and plastic gloves into food. Ingested during pregnancy, these chemicals trave